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As a leading Manufacturer & Supplier, monkeyshine medicinals was established in 2003. We introduce ourselves as a teenager premier medicinals company of north India with our successful entrance into tenth time of pharmaceutical expression manufacturing as well as marketing in domestic & global requests. During once two time under review we've significantly strengthened our position in thesemi-regulated and regulated requests. We've worked veritably hard to put in place world class installations and talented staff who strengthened our relationship with top global companies. In summary these times have been spent in taking strides that have brought our company on the threshold of the big change to establish our global vestiges in a big way. We're truly poised to take a big vault.
Specialized excellence and manufacturing excellence have been the thrust at Gag operations started it’s first manufacturing installation that was setup in the December 2003 and in last two times Gag has setup multiple manufacturing installations for manufacturing of Tablets( Beta- lactum and non Beta- lactum), Capsules( Beta- lactum and non Beta- lactum), Liquids( Orals and externals), Ointments and Poultices( External Preparations), Cosmetics and Dry Injectables( Beta- lactum). Giving strength to our product, all the types of Nutraceuticals are also available in the form of Tablets, Capsules and Liquid forms. Overall, we're auspicious & bullish about the future. We've made significant investments in new businesses, which will decide unborn growth. still the profit from these gambles will surely be generated in near future.

Our Mission :

Today Gag is singularly committed to aggressive growth and realizes its charge of spreading Good health and mending in the world with its aphorism

Business Objects :

The establishment's ideal is to come a dominant player in the Indian Pharmaceutical assiduity.

Our Vision :

Overall we crop as a technology driven global player offering high quality and cost effective healthcare. Since technology and R & D play a vital part in all our trials and further over our vision is to manufacture innovative, high- tech products, which will satisfy the requirements of guests. At monkeyshine we're forcefully committed to produce brand equity by promoting top class products. To achieve our vision we take over to produce values for all the ingredients.