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Pranjal Healthcare is advancing on the way of persistent advancement with only a couple results of agreement manufacutre under the table direction of our overseeing specialists.
Pranjal Healthcare is occupied with contact outsider assembling, and providing a wide scope of definitions, which are DCGI endorsed, like tablet, infusion, container delicate gel and new medications, including pain relieving, anti-microbial and against infective, anticold And hostile to hypersensitivity and antisiacotic drugs. Aside from these, our pharma range incorporates cardiovascular medications, gastro and antimetic and hostile to ulcer, hamatrix, chemical, nervous system science supplements, nourishing prescriptions. Pranjal Healthcare incorporates tablets, oral liquids, dry powder, containers, softgel case infusion, treatment, eye and ear drops, Ayurvedic items. Item made by ISO 9001: 2000 and GMP WHO standard, these are certain for excellent guidelines

Pranjal Healthcare in Contract Manufacturing :

We work extraordinarily in Contract Manufacturing. Drug drugs are offered to us. In Pharma Contract Manufacturing, we request orders for tablets, containers, infusions, syrups, eye ear drops, sachets, home grown, and food prodcuts.Being a significant agreement outsider pharma producing, we utilize the best quality crude material from the best in class pharma industrial facility unit.

Pranjal Healthcare Quality Assurance :

Item made by ISO 9001: 2000 and GMP WHO standard, these are sure for excellent standards.The item we made is valid in all Govt principles, and it is additionally repeit by the client once more.

Custmer Satisfaction :

With clear transactions of our huge scope creation unit, we can give various kinds of medication proportions to our partners.when it comes to services.we show restraint driven ordinarily and quality arranged.

Mission of Pranjal :

We have consistently centered around working on the wellbeing of local area by offering safe effective pharma items and this our main goal.