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best dental products franchise in Delhi

Established in 2008, Stanbac Lifesciences is each about Oral Healthcare & Wellness. For 13 times of dealing in dentistry products, we have managed to reach further than,000 Dentists across the Nation and nearly all our custom- made Oral Healthcare Products are an outgrowth of the excellent & expert feedback entered from the Top Dentists & Dental Specialists.
drafted with Love, moxie & lots of enterprises, kiddies Gelly is an extension of Stanbac Lifesciences Group, Established in 2016 to specifically feed to the youthful bones . The idea isn't just to vend the product, rather, we have pledged to give complete oral Healthcare results for Children and also guide the Young Parents regarding the Do's & Don'ts of Oral Wellness for their kiddies. In this bid, formerly again Top Pediatric Dentists across the nation are on board with us as a guiding spirit and we are taking small way every day towards our charge. - Ajeet Rana( CEO)

Our Mission :

13 times down the line dealing in dentistry products we met thousands of ailing dental cases. utmost of them going through the roughest patch of life, suffering Immense Pain & spending a Fortune on their Treatments. When asked, nearly all of these cases criticized their" Childhood Habits" and" Neglected Oral Hygiene" while growing up, for their current traumatic situation.
Unfortunately in India Oral Health is ignored and not taken veritably seriously until it's too late. I mean when was the last time, you took your child to a Dentist for a routine check- up?
But you will be surprised to know that I'm no exception. With 2 Tooth Transplants and a couple of Root conduits, I eclipse that list of Dental Cases and this is where" kiddies Gelly" kicks in. It's astonishing to see a huge void when it comes to Oral Healthcare for kiddies and we are simply then to fill that void. The idea isn't just to vend a product but to make a community for youthful Parents to look after their sprat's Oral Hygiene & Wellness so that no other sprat should witness, what I had to go through.

Our Vision :

To come reference specialty dental company

Our Products :

Whitening Toothpaste, Lignocaine & adrenaline injections, Toothbrushes & Flosses, Mouthwash( potassium nitrate sodium fluoride), Benzydemine Mouth Wash

Our Speciality :

>> Fluoride Gel- Provides Daily Dose of Fluoride for Children
>> Flavored - Sparkling Bubblegum Flavored Toothpaste
>> Safe & Trusted - Approved by Top Pediatric Dentists