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Best Pharma Franchise Company in Himachal Pradesh

best pharma franchise in Himachal Pradesh

Swisskem expresses the adventuring spirit of invention & extroversion. Swisskem Healthcare launched bussiness originally in india where in solid way has gained the Indian request showing meticulousness and thickness for 2 decades. From the early days detergents and Derma cosmetics were the core business and the portfolio was gradationally amended. currently, there are complete series for all ornamental requirements( moisturizing andanti-aging face & body treatment) and special dermatological requirements( acne, psoriasis, atopy, womanlike care, baby & sprat care, hair care, sun protection).

Our Success Story :

Swisskem Healthcare established ’ in 2001 aiming at developing, producing and trading dermatological products and likewise promoting those products through Medical Representative brigades in separate medical specialists and trading through the Pharmaceutical distribution channel. Since also, Swisskem Healthcare has been nearly cooperating with Indian professors and crucial Opinion Leaders and Universities for developing dermoceutical products that treat a variety of skin diseases. Swisskem Healthcare development was resemblant to the elaboration of dermatology in India. Swisskem Healthcare mindfulness on dermocosmetics was honored and therefore led to the installation of its own factory and business expansion.

Assiduity Caters To :

Due to our ultraexpensive quality treated products we've been suitable to sculpt a niche for our characters in both public and transnational request. We substantially feed our products to colorful sectors similar as Cosmetic Industry, Health Industry, and Beauty Industry. Our commitment towards delivering high quality products at competitive prices has enabled us to develop a large customer network.

Custmer Satisfaction :

Our client centric approach has enabled us to attain a distinct position in the request. We believe that our platoon sweats are regressed in the form of customer satisfaction. Our main thing is to give our recognized guests with safe, effective and natural treated products.
Long term satisfaction can be fluently attained through our high quality, cost effective products. We offer our products keeping in mind the requirements of the guests and we offer easy flexible mode of payments.

Our Team :

Backed by industrious pool, we're suitable to manufacture world class products suiting the requirements and conditions of the guests. With vast – experience and in- depth knowledge, our staff has kept us ahead of our challengers. Research and development department strive hard to fulfill the requirements of the guests with new technologies and inventions.
We've a platoon of 25 workers which includes
masterminds, Technicians, Quality Controller, Research and development labor force, Admin